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Outdoor Play

the best classroom and richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky.

Margaret McMillian

Outdoor play has a positive impact on children’s wellbeing and helps with their development. Play has a vital role in children’s learning and they begin to understand the environment and their surroundings. Which is where the saying “learning through play” comes about. Children will be able to explore in more ways then they would if they were indoors. They will use a range of senses and experience first hand: smells, textures and sounds.

While outside there are many areas of learning that can be covered such as, Communication and Language, Maths and Expressive arts and Design, to name a few. Being from a Nursery/School background, I follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), when I plan and arrange activities.

Bug Hunting

Resources used for day out

So my little boy (3) is really into bugs as most children are at this age. He was very excited to show me his bug hunting kit that he had received over the weekend. The minibeast sheets I got off the website Twinkl. We headed to Heartwood Forest to start our adventure. This National Park has so much room to roam around and explore the great outdoors and plenty of places to look for bugs, especially Langley Woods. We spent a few hours here looking around and counting dogs, this park is popular with dog walkers, then we finished the morning with a picnic.

Den building in the woods

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