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Happy Pride Month

Love is Love

The month of June is where we celebrate and enjoy gay love in all it’s forms. It’s the month businesses and brands show their support and solidarity to the gay community, while also making a profit. Logos change to a rainbow for the whole month and you will occasionally get a story or article about what or how they help the LGBTQIA+ community. Then July comes along and brands return to their “normal” ways of doing things.

You are probably thinking how does this relate to me being a nanny and childcare. Well it is time children are taught about the family unit and how it is changing. Books and shows need to reflect the world we live in. Children will see mum and dad families on television and in books. Then they will see a same sex family out and will ask questions, some parents will feel uneasy answering and might say something negative. Some parents will explain to the child about same sex love.

We should have honest and open conversations with children, you should explain to your children in a way they will understand. You do not have to go into lots of detail or make things confusing for yourself or the child. Put simply – LOVE is LOVE.

There are resources that can help such as children’s books, that tell a story and take the hard work out of it. I just think we owe it to the next generation to be honest how the world works.

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