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My favourite places to go

Over the years I have worked with many children and have visited lots of places. It was not until this year that I decided to keep note of some of the best locations (link is included), I have been lucky to work with families that allow me to take their children out and about. I hope you enjoy the list and go out to explore with your little ones. I will do my best to keep updating it.

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Back to routine

I go back to work in September after two months holiday, I work as a term-time Nanny, as much as I have enjoyed the time off, I am so ready to get back into routine. It might sound crazy but I want to hear my alarm go off in the morning, I want to commute to work and I want to be busy running around after my charges. I have spent the last week organising my work wardrobe and planning activities/ideas for the upcoming weeks.


First week is over and I am glad to be back at work. Settling into my new routine and adjusting to looking after two boys 3 years old and 7 months (before the holidays I had one boy). We took it easy this week and went to the park and the library but planner is at the ready and playgroups, rhyme time and outings are all in place for the weeks to come.