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Happy Pride Month

Love is Love

The month of June is where we celebrate and enjoy gay love in all it’s forms. It’s the month businesses and brands show their support and solidarity to the gay community, while also making a profit. Logos change to a rainbow for the whole month and you will occasionally get a story or article about what or how they help the LGBTQIA+ community. Then July comes along and brands return to their “normal” ways of doing things.

You are probably thinking how does this relate to me being a nanny and childcare. Well it is time children are taught about the family unit and how it is changing. Books and shows need to reflect the world we live in. Children will see mum and dad families on television and in books. Then they will see a same sex family out and will ask questions, some parents will feel uneasy answering and might say something negative. Some parents will explain to the child about same sex love.

We should have honest and open conversations with children, you should explain to your children in a way they will understand. You do not have to go into lots of detail or make things confusing for yourself or the child. Put simply – LOVE is LOVE.

There are resources that can help such as children’s books, that tell a story and take the hard work out of it. I just think we owe it to the next generation to be honest how the world works.

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Nanny Essentials – what’s in the bag?

Whats in the bag?

The Mary Poppins Bag, where you literally pull out anything for everything and any occasion.

I remember going for a walk down to the high street, in my head I am thinking this will be quick, I do not need the bag. How very wrong was I!?

Since then the bag goes everywhere even when we go down to the garden. Here is some of the things that are always in my bag…

  • Notebook and pen
  • Nappies, wipes and changing mat
  • Tissues and antibacterial wipes
  • Sun cream / umbrella
  • water and snacks
  • money / debit card
  • change of clothes

This list is my basic essentials for daily use and trips out, I will add and take away depending on where we are going, also what does not fit in the bag, goes in the pram or car.

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Back to work

After spending four weeks at home, I went back to work. I am very excited to be back doing what I enjoy and being out of the house for a few hours.

back together

I am about to start week three of work with the boys and I am happy with how it is going. It took a few days to get into a routine of activities, meals and garden time, not a strict routine, but giving us structure to our day.

We are fortunate to have a garden and fields around the house so we are still getting fresh air and some exercise in. On the wet and rainy days we do a exercise/ music and movement activity to keep active, which we are all enjoying. The Body Coach is doing amazing videos on YouTube.

P.E with Joe

The boys are doing very well with the changes, the oldest boy understands that things are different because of Covid-19, and is enjoying all the games and role playing that we get to do. The youngest probably does not understand what is happening and may never this time of his life. However, with all that is going on, I am providing activities for both boy’s development and keeping them learning through play.

Bug Fossils

I am missing the play dates with other Nannies and doing different trips, but we have managed to have a few virtual play dates via the various apps available. I have been looking at a few Instagram Nanny pages, for inspiration and having professionals to talk to. We are going through this together and its great to reach out to each other.

Times are still uncertain and we do not know how much longer things will be like this. I am happy to be back to work and have amazing and supportive employers during this time. I no longer say I am looking forward for things to go back to normal, because what is normal? But I will say I look forward to go out without restrictions and being able to see family and friends.

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Play dates, soft-play and playgroups

Every week I plan for a trip to a playgroup, soft play centre and arrange play dates. Being social is just as important for the children as it is for nannies. Our week varies from indoor and outdoor activities.

The children can experience so many different learning areas when involved in these activities, such as communication and language, physical development and understanding the world. They will meet people from different cultures and learn about family units.

Soft Play

Perfect for when the weather is a bit wet and cold, I work in an area where we have many to choose from. The boys have their favourite locations and always get excited when I say it is a soft play day, it often follows by “are we going to the one with the balls?” I love the variety soft play centres have to offer, some provide coffee/tea and juice with entrance fee. Some centres also hold separate classes for a fee but then you can play in the centre free of charge.


Often held in churches and and run weekly during term time, fees are small and often covers play and tea/coffee and snacks for the children. I find that playgroups have a family/community feel. Parents and carers catch up and swap tips and stories while the children play. Some of the groups have themed weeks and set up activities accordingly.

Play dates

Play dates are lots of fun, a few nannies take it in turn to host and we get together catch up and the children play. Tea, coffee and snacks included. The children start to build great friendships with their peers.

I have added a link of some of the places we enjoy going.

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Bekonscot Model Village

Day trip

I have added this to my favourite places to go with children, have a look you might find some gems

B3 is in love with all things transport. This place covers that and more. There is so much to see and do, the Village has a play area for children so they can run around and have fun. They also have a train ride that goes around a small section of the park.


The detail in the model village is out of this world. From the items in the shop window to what the people are doing in their gardens. Some of the areas has moving parts, running water and sounds such as church bells going off. There are also trains that go around the village and stop at stations. As you walk around the village, you can read history of village and about the makers and builders of it.

Fun fair

There is also a cafe onsite with a range of food and snacks all, picnic benches outside so you can bring and enjoy your own food. There is a gift shop filled with great items and your only problem will be getting your little ones out.

Finally to end your trip you can have a look in the education center which is filled with genuine artifacts from the time period 1930/1940s. You and your little ones can have a look at history and take part in what is out at the time. On our visit we got to use a typewriter and B3 got to scoot on a wooden scooter and ride on a old fashioned bike.

Air field

Hope you get a chance to visit this amazing place.

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Sink water play

Bug swamp

Water play using a sink, is a great way to allow your child to still have fun playing and exploring water if you do not have room for a water tray. I saw this on social media and thought such a good idea. You can create lots of different scenes using props and toys.

B3 loves water and currently really into bugs so I created a swamp and filled it with bugs and water animals. He loved this and spent lots of time playing and making up stories. Then once you have all finished you simply pull the plug and let the toys dry.

Areas covered in this activity, communication and language and understanding the world.

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Autumn has arrived

leaves leaves leaves

My favourite season has arrived and I am over the moon. Everything from the colours, smells and sights I am in love with. The weather is not perfect especially if it rains, but the leaves and the conkers make excellent activities. One thing I like doing is a scavenger hunt for autumn objects.

Sensory Play

I started our autumn theme with a sensory activity, with dyed rice, key words and conkers and acorns. B3 had lots of fun mixing, filling and emptying and counting. He also made up his own story with the squirrel and the nuts.

We talked about the textures and colours of the tree nuts. When we go out I got B3 to look out for the tree nuts and we collected more.

It is very easy to make the dyed rice, it is literally 3 steps and it took me less than 30 minutes to prepare it all. Activities for children do not have to be with lots of expensive items, it has to be inviting and interesting.

  • place rice in a sandwich bag
  • squeeze in paint and shake mix together
  • place on tray to dry and within 30 minutes it is ready to play with.

The rice will last a long time if kept in containers with lids on it.

Key words for the theme

Areas covered in this activity: communication and language, literacy, understanding the world and expressive arts and design,

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Simple Ingredients

Everyone loves playdough!

Homemade playdough is so simple and very easy to make and you get hours of fun from it. I used these ingredients and it took less than 30 minutes to make.

  • 2 cups of flour
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 cup of salt
  • 2 tablespoons of oil
  • food colouring (optional)
  • scents (optional)
playdough finished

I mixed the dry ingredients together first then the wet ingredients, I sprinkle a little flour on the worktop and roll out the dough until light and not sticky. There are so many activities you can do with playdough.

It is perfect for fine motor skills, imaginative play, maths and communication. I make playdough mats to help guide play with my children.

Moon dough

2 simple ingredients

Moon dough is perfect for babies especially as they like to put things in their mouths. unlike playdough it does not have salt in it. I used 1 cup of baby rice and 3 tablespoon of coconut oil. Mix together and that is it, perfect sensory activity.

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Nanny Community

When I first started nannying many years ago, it was a lonely and isolated affair. The area I worked in did not have many baby and toddler groups, soft play or classes locally. If I wanted to do anything we had to travel or we spent time indoors, lots of arts and crafts. As much as I enjoyed my job and looking after the little boy, I got very bored and returned to nursery work.

Fast forward to 2017, I started my new nanny job. My new place of work had nannies everywhere, this was the start of my nanny community, the difference was amazing. The nannies in the area met weekly at various activities and groups, I settled in quickly with the help of my new community.

Two years later I am still here and our community is growing. The benefits of having a nanny community are:

  1. You have people to talk to close by who understand what you are going through, share tips and give advice.
  2. Your Nanny children will have plenty of children to play and socialise with.

Last Christmas another nanny and I hosted a party for the children in our area, we had around 15 children and their nannies or parents come together for festive fun. Even though it was busy and loud, it was the best fun to see everyone coming together.

Some days can feel long or more tiring than others, but having a community of nannies around definitely makes a huge difference. Great ways to find a community is going to local playgroups, parks and libraries. Connecting with other nannies will make a difference your job. I believe so anyway.

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Let’s get baking

We have apples

The family I work for are luckily enough to have an apple tree in the garden and the time has come for yummy apples. So I thought it would be a great idea to make something yummy and get the little boy involved.

This was a fun and great for learning opportunities, including Maths; Communication and Language and Understanding the World (links to the EYFS).

I found a simple recipe online and we got baking.

Peeling apples
Placing apples in the tray
making the crumble

Each step was a great opportunity to discuss steps and encourage independence (the whole process was supervised).

Once it was all prepared it was placed in the oven and we set a timer and waited. This became a lovely treat for after dinner.