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A typical nanny day

What happens in a 10 hour day?

What I like about my nanny job and working with children, is that everyday can be different. As long as meals and naps are scheduled the day can be anything you want it to be. Before Covid-19 took over and changed the way we did life, I took my nanny child on lots of day trips and we had lots of play dates with other children and nannies.

My work day begins at 8 o’clock and I finish at 6 o’clock, I work 10 hour days sometimes a little more. I will not lie, some days I leave work extremely tired and other days I leave feeling like I have conquered the world.

This is what a typical day could look like: (pre covid-19)

  • 8am work begins – I normally walk in and the boys are finishing up on breakfast, I take over from the parents.
  • 8:30am B3 starts nursery. Its a 10 minute walk from home which is great.
  • 10am now depending on the day B1 can have a messy play at home, play date home or at another house or a activity class.
  • 12pm collect B3 from nursery
  • 12:30pm lunch time
  • 1:15pm B1 has a 2 hour nap. B3 will have free play 1:1 learning time
  • 3pm B1 should be up and its snack time for everyone
  • 4-5pm outdoor activites or play dates
  • 5pm dinner and stories
  • 6pm home time.

Now there are a few variations to our day, depending on weather or activities, how the boys feel and general life. It is important to have routine for children as it helps them learn and understand the world around them. Time keeping isn’t necessarily important but it does help a great deal.

Routines and schedules vary due to families and children. It can look similar to mine or completely different. There is not a golden rule but as long parents, children and nannies are happy, literally anything goes.