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Back to work

After spending four weeks at home, I went back to work. I am very excited to be back doing what I enjoy and being out of the house for a few hours.

back together

I am about to start week three of work with the boys and I am happy with how it is going. It took a few days to get into a routine of activities, meals and garden time, not a strict routine, but giving us structure to our day.

We are fortunate to have a garden and fields around the house so we are still getting fresh air and some exercise in. On the wet and rainy days we do a exercise/ music and movement activity to keep active, which we are all enjoying. The Body Coach is doing amazing videos on YouTube.

P.E with Joe

The boys are doing very well with the changes, the oldest boy understands that things are different because of Covid-19, and is enjoying all the games and role playing that we get to do. The youngest probably does not understand what is happening and may never this time of his life. However, with all that is going on, I am providing activities for both boy’s development and keeping them learning through play.

Bug Fossils

I am missing the play dates with other Nannies and doing different trips, but we have managed to have a few virtual play dates via the various apps available. I have been looking at a few Instagram Nanny pages, for inspiration and having professionals to talk to. We are going through this together and its great to reach out to each other.

Times are still uncertain and we do not know how much longer things will be like this. I am happy to be back to work and have amazing and supportive employers during this time. I no longer say I am looking forward for things to go back to normal, because what is normal? But I will say I look forward to go out without restrictions and being able to see family and friends.

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Nanny Community

When I first started nannying many years ago, it was a lonely and isolated affair. The area I worked in did not have many baby and toddler groups, soft play or classes locally. If I wanted to do anything we had to travel or we spent time indoors, lots of arts and crafts. As much as I enjoyed my job and looking after the little boy, I got very bored and returned to nursery work.

Fast forward to 2017, I started my new nanny job. My new place of work had nannies everywhere, this was the start of my nanny community, the difference was amazing. The nannies in the area met weekly at various activities and groups, I settled in quickly with the help of my new community.

Two years later I am still here and our community is growing. The benefits of having a nanny community are:

  1. You have people to talk to close by who understand what you are going through, share tips and give advice.
  2. Your Nanny children will have plenty of children to play and socialise with.

Last Christmas another nanny and I hosted a party for the children in our area, we had around 15 children and their nannies or parents come together for festive fun. Even though it was busy and loud, it was the best fun to see everyone coming together.

Some days can feel long or more tiring than others, but having a community of nannies around definitely makes a huge difference. Great ways to find a community is going to local playgroups, parks and libraries. Connecting with other nannies will make a difference your job. I believe so anyway.